Liquid bees investment

What are liquid bees…What is expected ROI…


Liquid BeES is an Exchange Traded Fund(ETF) that is constructed and maintained by Goldman Sachs.

The face value of Liquid BeES is 1000 and the market value of Liquid BeES remains at 1000 levels. Dividends are calculated on a daily basis and re-invested at the end of the month in the form of additional Liquid BeES units.

There is no Security Transaction Tax(STT) on Liquid BeES. All other charges are the same as that of Equity Delivery.

The transaction charge is Rs.325 per crore or Rs.3.25 per lakh. There is no entry load and no exit load.

The Rate of Interest depends on the money market demand. The ROI could ideally lie anywhere between 5% and 7%.

If you bought 100 units at 1000, considering an RoI of 7%, you will have 7 units added to your investment at the end of the year, which will leave you with a total of 107 units.

Dividends upto 10 lacs per year are tax free. Dividends over and above 10 lacs per year is taxable at 10%.

Liquid BeES are liquid funds and liquid funds invest in money market instruments of the highest credit rating. The risks are extremely low but there is still a risk involved. So, in the worst case scenario, you may not receive a return on your Liquid BeES investment.


what is entry load and exit load

None,… The answer was in the above post

This one too says Dividends will now be taxable

Hi Bharath, per the latest budget, are there any changes to the dividend tax laws that could affect LIQUIDBEES? Could you provide some clarification based on the below news pieces? Thanks!