Liquid Bees Pledge interest charge in case of Debit Balance

I have Rs 200000 of Liquid bees Pledged and getting 1.8 lachs as collateral and say i have used full 1.8K (as liquid bees are cash equivalent and full collateral can be used to take positions) + 5000 Rs in cash for safety as margin for a Fno position of 1.8 lach margin requirement
On a day i have made aloss of say 7000 rs
1.WIll interest rate will be charged for 2000 debit balance only?
2. At what point (with how much negative balance) my pledged Liquid bees will be sold in market instead of charging penalty interest rate or is this question correct?


There is no specific point as such but depends on RMS discretion. Also when you don’t have enough margin RMS has right to close your position thus bringing down the margin requirement. So, I would recommend you to maintain more buffer in cash or use little less than available margin, atleast by10 to 20% as we never know what will happen in markets also it will give you some space to cover for any losses and give you time to add more margin if necessary.