Liquid Bees Pledge

Can collateral from Liquid Bees be used to buy options since collateral from Liquid Bees is considered as Cash Equivalent ?

@prakash1975 : My question was simply can I buy options with liquid Bees pledge collateral ??

Yes, you are free to buy options or equity, the complications arise only when you want to short sell.

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You can not buy option but you can sell. Check with zerodha… this is a very old question.

Hey Zerodha,
If for pledged liquidbees, then how one gets dividend on it?

In normal scenario, when liquidbees are in demat account, we get dividend in form of liquidbees units only added to our account.

If those are pledged then liquidbees goes from client account to zerodha account. Now once zerodha gets liquidbees dividend as units, how does it transfer to clients account? As a money directly to trading account or in form of liquidbees units only?

Kindly let me know.

is the Collateral Margin received by pledging Liquid Bees allowed to be used in trading Intraday equity?(as Collateral margin of Liquid Bees considered Cash equivalent)

Yes, you can use the collateral margin for equity intraday.

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Thanks for the reply

But if we pledge liduidbees we receive less dividends as the account becomes non individual from individual ?
What is the difference between individual account and non individual account?
Why non individul account receive less ?
If i as an individual pledge with zerodha . Then why should i receive less ?
And if i receive less after pledge then that is a huge big loss in receiving dividend ? Then in this case should i avoid pleding ?
Or do you suggest any best alternative wherein we pledge and get lowest haircut and no loss in dividends too ?

Awaiting for the reply

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Units are the same for everyone. The number of units don’t differ based on the type if account. However taxation changes. @Quicko can explain more about the taxation.