Liquid bees- Safety?

Hello Nitin,

Please confirm, the investment we make in liquid bees, where is it parked, Goldman sachs / NSE / Broker ??.

how safe is the money and who is responsible for the same, is this governed under SEBI rules ??

does this only appreciate or does the value depreciate also ??

thanks !!

ETF’s are like mutual funds that trade on the exchanges.Liquid bees are ETF’s. Funds parked with Goldman Sachs, who in turn give you units of the liquid funds.

Liquid funds invests in money market instruments, typically of the highest credit rating. The risks are extremely low, but there is still some risk. Every security (form MF to ETF’s to Stocks) is governed by SEBI.

With liquid bees if you see, the value has remained constant from the start. Returns from liquidbees is in terms of new units that gets credited to you, how many such new units you get depends on market performance.