Liquid Fund return decreased

I invested in two Liquid Mutual Funds last month which I pledged for option selling. Noticed today that for yesterday, the amount decreased by a significant amount (first time it has decreased).
Has that happened with someone else as well? What could be the reason? I’d sold some OTM options yesterday, which I left to expire. Could that have something to do with it?

I have indiabulls liquid fund. There was no decrease in my returns.

Which Liquid have you invested in?

Look at their portofolio. Did they invest in some shady company.

It’s Aditya Birla & Axis liquid funds. They are generally considered to be ‘safe’, so not sure what has happened…

Yes both Axis and aditya are showing -0.06 and -0.08 % resp.

What is up? Look at the portfolio. Some news on some company in the portfolio.

While indiabulls no decline.

because FII are pulling money from debt fund (liquid fud ) heavily thats a reason ts giving small negative returns

fund manager need to reset the entire portfolio thats a reason in small decline

But why reset the portfolio.

Interest rates are being cut and QE happening all over. Debt funds should only go up.

Where they must be putting??