Liquid funds from 2022 or fresh Gilt funds in 2024

Background : I purchased liquid mutual funds back in 2022 and pledged them to use for cash margin in FnO trading. The capital gains from these will get the indexation benefit if I hold them for 3+ years (as investment was made before April, 2023).

Found out recently that gilt/money market funds are also accepted as cash collateral and generally tend to give 7-9% return as compared to liquid funds’ 5-6%. But if I sell the liquid funds to buy Gilt funds today, I will not get the indexation benefit anymore (ty GOI).

Question : So any suggestions on whether I should continue holding the liquid funds or switch to Gilts/MMs?

(I am okay with the higher volatility/interest rate risk from Gilts/MMs. My intended holding period from today would be another 3-5 years at least.)