Liquidbees alternatives

In “liquidbees” ; you give the maximum MAS and the lowest haircut .

My query is : is there any at par or better alternative options to the “liquidbees” ?

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Thk u .

3 in 1 Trading Accounts, Earns nominal interest on your cash balance. Highly Liquid and No haircuts.

Why bother with all the pledging, margin etc?


Which discount brokers provide such facility with fixed monthly brokerage plans ?
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I was also searching for an alternative, but after coming across plenty of Liquidfunds, finally I decided to stay safe with Liquidbees. Since apart from Liquidbees all other liquid funds are subject to market risk. So capital is not 100% safe as like Liquidbees.

Kotak Trinity Account with FIT plan subscription.

Their trading terminal platform software is too old outdated .
Do they give intraday mis leverage exposure margin in FIT ?
Any comment on this …
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