Liquidbees pledging update please

Hello everybody. I read the link where it is mentioned that
" Liquid bees are considered as cash equivalents by the exchange, so the above 50% rule wouldn’t apply. So margin received from pledging liquid bees will be as good as having cash in your trading account." Kindly let me know if there are any updates on this

Liquidbees and other Liquid ETF’s along with Liquid Mutual Fund’s are considered as cash equivalent. You can check the full list of Cash Equivalent securities here.

To know the complete process of pledging, you can read this article.

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From your reply, I understand that there is no update and the 50% additional margin requirement does not apply if I pledge liquidbees. Thanks a lot for the quick response.

Right, there have been no changes to the category of Liquid ETF’s, these are still considered as cash equivalent, since then there have been other additions to the list as well, would request you to go through the list provided above.

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