Listing date of Bharat 22 etf?


Any1 knows the listing date of Bharat 22 etf?? Plz reply

Bharat ETF 22 allotment status

Don’t think it has been announced yet. Will update it here once it is.


As per the offer document, investors will get the units allotted within 10-15 days from the closing date of the issue and listing on the stock exchanges will happen within 5 days from the date of allotment. However, like earlier CPSE ETF issues, I expect the allotment and listing to happen within 7-10 working days from the date the issue gets closed.


Allotment of Units and Refund will happen within 5 Working Days after the closure of the Offer. i,.e. 17th November, 2017+5 working days , it means till 24.11.2017

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@sunils Sir, i have applied it … please give ypur views on it , how much we can gain by this ? and what time///


strong text Allotment details of Bharat 22 ETF received through SMS today. Allotted in Full.
Other info :Units will be credited to demat account within 2 days



units alloted in full and the same can be seen into portfolio…with an allotment price around 31


How to check allotment status of Bharat ETF 22.

No msg / mail recived from Zerodha nor allocated in account. Other brokers has given msg for allotment .


Hey, You will get an SMS from CDSL when the credit happens. In the meanwhile you can check your allotment status here.


I had applied on Nov 26th and I had received an email from Zerodha with the subject line "Bharat 22 ETF order recorded". But apparently, my order wasn’t even sent to the exchange. I checked on ICICI amc website for allotment status and it was showing No Records available for the given inputs. Now I called up the support number and they had no idea why it wasn’t sent to the exchange. This is such a bad experience from Zerodha.


Listing will be tomorrow.


getting this message "You can’t trade this scrip. Exchange is not enabled."
If it is not enabled then why and how nav is showing price movement


ANYONE @Bhuvanesh @NithinKamath
Your technical team said that there is some error


Just add BHARATIWIN to your marketwatch and place a sell order. And the best thing to do is to get in touch with our support desk instead of posting it here.


there is no such symbol in marketwatch
i tried to add it, but it’s not working


Hit CTRL+SHIFT+R. Might not show up on Kite 3 if you are using it.


Using kite 2 not 3