Listing of options

Hi, when I am searching for example (historical data on nse website) 29000pe 29oct expiry i cant find it, but when i search for 25000pe, i can find. what is the reason? @ShubhS9 @Bhuvan

No idea about this, maybe some issue with NSE website. Also, Bank Nifty was around 24k - 25k in October and 29000 was 5k - 4k points or 50 - 40 strikes away, so chances are it might not have been traded at all, that is why it might not be available, not sure though.

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Any rule is followed while listing the options?
Example, 5500ce is not listed but 12500ce is. How is it decided? @ShubhS9

This is strike price scheme for Nifty Options, at a time there can be 30 ITM, 1 ATM and 30 OTM Option strikes. You can get detailed information on this here.

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