Little confusion about BO

If Buy stock for.100, SL 2 (98) my TSL 0.50paisa expected profit 2, what happen in BO when script rise rs 2 TSL increase by rs 2 ie 100. after rise rs 2 not profit, when price goes to 104 I will get rs 2 prof it

If I’m I correct. need 4% growth for getting 2% profit.

If you are looking for target profit of 2 then in “SqrOffSell” enter 2. When the price reaches 102, this square off sell order will be executed and you will have profit of 2.

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You can also manually modify your stop loss value say to say 103 (absolute points 3), if you want.

If you are targeting 102 and stock has moved to 102, then square off your order imemdiately (You need only 2% to wait for your target, why wait for 4%. If you think stock will still move high, then you can change your stop loss value to 101 manually by modifying BO or wait for stock to rise to higher values and let the Trialing Stop Loss take care of your profits.

If your target is 102, I suggest you square off immediately or move your SL to 101 or something. If the stock price comes back down and if your SL at 100 hits, then you will loose some money.

Thank You
I put any value in Sqroff because I am not sure about strength stock how it gain or lose

In that case the position will be exited when Trailing SL is hit. So if price moves to 104 and comes back to 102 and trailing SL has trailed to 102 then trailing SL order will be executed.