Live Trades From Kite

hello @nithin @siva
can we send our live trades data from kite to excel or some app like a telegram?

No need to tag Nithin for everything, you can just tag me.
You can download your orders and trades from orderbook it self if that is what you are looking for.

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I want to send live data feed of my trades to Excel or some other platform , how is that possible from kite?

What do you mean by live feeds of your trade? you mean your orders? or market feeds?

My trades as soon as I take it , not market feed.
Buy/ sell ,stop and exit trades

You can share your baskets, add your trade to basket and share it but there is no option to directly send your trades to others.

can we do this by using kite API?
can I take live trade data from the kite and send it to telegram.
and can you make this topic listed so maybe some other user can help me in doing this?

Don’ think that is possible.