Living in this modern technical world and yet trading with the terminal like "pi" is quite disappointing?

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Hello Trader,

If it was not for the dedicated effort of TEAM Pi, we would still never realize some of the new technical features we now enjoy on Pi was really possible on the Indian Stock Market.

My hats off to Team Pi.


I don’t think so …

Kite is good but if you are full time trader PI is the best. I don’t use any technical indicators and trade only with price action so for me its Good. As you comparing PI with global market terminals, Can you pls tell us which global market terminals you use and where PI lacks.

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Hanging was an issue for me also but I clean formatted my laptop and only installed PI. It got automatically solved. Moreover, what I think is this is PI ver 1.0. Eventually I am confident they will reach to where we want it to.

Even today, the moving in charts is difficult as compared to Kite but the TradeScript language really helps.

Why don’t you just compare it with global market terminals , you will realise where you are lacking.
As per me kite is also good enough than pi

Dear i am not talking about features , here i am talking about performance .
Sometimes when we performing best at market time and just because of poor performing terminal we loses that trade , I have good laptop and high speed internet connection so that is not the issue,in kite atleast there is no hanging problem and that is the best part of kite.

I agree with Nitin. Performance of PI indicators sucks. Since you are using for seeing the charts, it works for you (day trader 007). From my experience of PI, I can tell that indicators are just not optimized. Proabably, they would get optimized eventually. I have a virtual machine running on amazon cloud. Performance of the PI is horrible.

I think you guys are Right. As I don’t use any technical indicators that may be reason its OK for me. But it bit hangs that is true. They introduced new version now that may be good for you and other technical traders.