Loan for option writing margins

Is there a way one can get loan or financing for the high margins required for option writing ?
I am no newbie, have backtested and paper traded enough to start with.

If you have stocks or mf, you can pledge them to get 50% margins to trade options.

Intraday option writing- margins from collateral could be upto 90% right if mutual funds are among that excel sheet list ?

Yeah, but 50% should come from cash and 50% from collateral.

That is only for overnight, intraday option writing margin for nifty 1 ce/pe lot is say 1 lakh, and after haircut of 10% on 1 lakh pledged in the form of mf, 90k plus 10k cash would be required for the position. Please clarify @shubh

Intraday is okay.

@siva @ShubhS9

Why margin required for nifty option writing is much more than stock option writing, even when stock option writing has more risk??