Long,Exit Long, Short, Exit Short Signal on Nest Chart after Coding? Need Breif description

I code a strategy on Nest Platform.

It shows signal of

Long(Buy)—Green Up Arrow

Short(Sell)—Red Down Arrow

But confused in

Exit Long(???)—Dash(-)

Exit Short(???)—Dash(-)

Just need brief description, what the use of this signal(Exit Long/Short)…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello the Exit buy/sell expression is used to generate exit signals for your buy/sell expression. If you do want to give any expression you need give the value in these two boxes as 0. Do not leave any boxes blank.

long is buy, exit long is selling to close your long position
short is sell, exit short is buying to close your short position

Thanks for the reply,
But my concern is, if
then what is
Exit Long
Exit Short

This is nothing but closing your long and short position you can generate signal when you want to close your long or short positions using exit long or short. I hope you got my point.

exit long and exit short is just like stoploss ?

you can consider it like stoploss or target.