Long in bearish market (Swing Trading)

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I want to know if the market is bearish and according to technicals and volume analysis some stock have potential to up (Against the market momentum).

  1. Is it wise to go long? (Some of my SWING TRADES are hitting the target in bear market).

  2. What is your data says?

  3. What other things should I consider before going long in bear market?

  4. Should I always follow the market trend? Like Long in Bull market or short in bear market.


Thanks for your input.

When you are buying individual stocks, there is not too much relation with the broader indices, although there will be some impact, more impact when Adani type news is coming. So when good fundamental stocks fall to near intrinsic value, many buy, hence the price movement, even in a bear market.

And then there is sector rotation, so even if the broader indices are down, a couple of sectors are in the rise, so price movement is seen here.

Of course, when the total situation is in the negative, the moves will be small and slow, because prices may fall more.

I am looking at trades now, so saying this.

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Thanks man.