Long term Capital gain query


I am holding few shares from last 15-20 years. Earlier I had them in physical form and later converted to demat in 2007.

I sold some shares last year and want to calculate long term capital gain to show in my ITR.

But problem is I do not know the purchase price as I do not have any record now with me. So can you please tell me how to calculate long term capital gain in such case. Any help is appreciated.


If you remember the approximate date/month during which time you made the purchase you can check the historical data to arrive at the acquisition price and compute your LTCG.

Since there is no tax on long term gains, it shouldn’t be that big a concern. Just keep the computations handy in case it’s required for any future reference.

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Thanks Veenu.
But the thing is that I don’t have any idea about purchase as earlier it was mentioned by my father who passed away few years back.
Is there any reference date from which I can calculate LTCG ?
Also Is it necessary to show this detail in ITR. ?

Do not worry too much about this, if the shares you sold are listed on which you paid STT then simply mention the purchase price as Nil. Anywhich ways the tax on this income is zero. And yes you need to show this income in ITR.

Thanks Roopa