Long term & Short term duration


I have two queries in this regard

  1. If the investment is held exactly for 365 days - is it long term or short term ?

  2. Is the Long term & Short term duration is same for all asset classes (Equity, Debt, MF, Forex etc.) ?

  1. If it is exact 365 days it is short term.
  2. For eq, Forex and MF except ELSS it will be same. lessthan 1 yeat STCG, morethan 1 year LTCG.
    For Debt, and ELSS MF it is 3 years. lessthan 3 yeat STCG, morethan 3 year LTCG.




And the taxes?
LTCG - 10% (on more more than Rs. 1L gains)
STCG - 15%

Is that right for equity? And what about bonds taxes?