Long-term trading

Assume I go long on stock selecting long-term and within the same day I want to exit off the stock. Can I do it?

Yes, product type doesn’t matter in this case. It will be treated as an intraday trade.

Yes you can definitely do so.before doing real investment I would recommend to do virtual trading to test your skills.

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2 https://moneybhai.moneycontrol.com/

3 Stock Game - Ultimate Stock Market Challenge | DSIJ

Thanks! Happy Investing !

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There are two types of trades. You can opt for intra-day trading which includes taking a position in that stock only for that particular day and exiting it before the market closes, or to choose delivery and investing in the stock for as long as you like. If you are doing intra-day trading then you also have the option to convert the intraday trade into delivery and thus you can invest in stock even when intraday trading.

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yes you can sell the stock same day itself.

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