Longer SIP Schedules to invest in High Price Stocks

Hello @nithin

Current SIP feature allows us to setup SIP only on monthly basis.

For retail investors, it is not always possible to do monthly SIP on multiple high-price stocks like Bajaj Finance, Asian paints, etc. Right now, the only way is to create multiple baskets, create individual SIPs for each basket and pause and resume SIPs every month. It will be great to add more options to the scheduling. Bimonthly, Trimonthly and Quarterly schedules will help lot of small investors who wish to take stake in multiple blue-chip companies.

Yeah friend i feel your problem. Same boat me too. We need fractional share investing introduced in our country.

Yeah but that is something out of brokers’ purview.

Zerodha can solve this problem in a way by adding more SIP schedules


I understand this may be beyond a broker’s traditional scope, but Zerodha could solve this by adding more SIP scheduling options. Bimonthly, trimonthly, and quarterly schedules would greatly benefit small investors looking to invest in high-priced stocks. This flexibility would make it easier to manage and diversify portfolios without the hassle of multiple baskets.