Longterm Indicator for Mutual Fund Units

Hi Team,

I am doing some LTCG Gains planning to sell units worth 1L profit and buy back in the next financial year.
I know that on Kite-Console, we have a green indicator showing our long-term holdings for stocks.

Is there something similar for Coin Mutual funds as well where I can see that out of 2000 units of a particular fund, 1000 are in the long-term category right now, so it becomes easier to find out how many units can be sold?

Second related question → I hope the units which are sold are in order of FIFO? (First In First out)

Since the LTCG rules are different for different mutual fund schemes, currently we do not show long-term tag for mutual fund holdings. This is on our list of things to do.

Yep, mutual fund units too are sold in FIFO method.

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Thanks for the clarification @ShubhS9 :grinning: