Looking for personal finance app


Looking for a personal finance app
Just like US based mint.com
Where I link my all bank account and manage all finances.

I suggest @nithin make "console as personal finance app where we see all our investment i.e. equity bond mf etc and do link our all bank account insurance account credit card to manage personal finances at one place.

So for buying and selling use kite and to manage and get consolidated view of total wealth at console


Hmm… it does make sense to do it. We have too many other projects to get done with first, but let me bounce this off our tech team.


You can try the Walnut app. while it does not cover the entire range of functionalities as mint, it’s pretty good at what it does i.e. tracking of spends and bill payments.


Walnut is totally different thing.

I am looking for a app where if I withdraw cash from my bank account, “Console” update it automatically and I can put an entry where I spend those cash , so I have complete picture of my every penny spend and invested.


Like I said, Walnut is not as versatile as Mint. But its good at what it does.