Loosing in liquid funds

Thanks to recommendations at various forums, media etc. I decided to park extra money in a debt fund - Principal Cash Management Fund - Direct Plan.
Now, I am 7 % loss.

This is ridiculous. I would have earned around 6% on FD. So it’s opportunity loss of about 7+6 =13%.

What do I with this debt fund now
? Clearly my trust in debt fund is broken.


Opinions are like arm pits. Everyone has theirs & thinks theirs doesn’t stink

Sorry bud.

9% exposure to II&FS. Hence the drawdown.

Edit: issues in II&FS started in jul/Aug and it was all over the news.

They defaulted on commercial paper back in aug.

When exactly did you invest in this fund?

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Oops this is ridiculous, I guess FDs are only safe thing now

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Yes , due to II&FS debt MFs are under pressure now.

They have destroyed the trust in Debt MFs.

Hopefully SEBI/govt will do something to restore the trust back , otherwise debt MF are going to have a very hard time going forward.

Bhai, u r cribbing for having 7%loss, that too a paper loss…
FYI, the average loss across the broad market is arnd 16%…

Buddy he is cribbing because lot of people promote debt funds as if they are safe as FDs

But equity market when u enter, you should be ready to lose any amount so both are different


That’s very bad to assume safe as FDs, as FDs themselves r not safe abv 1lakhInr.
Its a wrong notion that equity funds can get u losses but not the debt funds!!!
Average loss across the debt market is arnd 16%, as it is debtMF, it is reflecting less…


I knew debt fund are subject to market risk but never thought 7%. I Would have been ok to loose this in equity !!