Loss due to Margin requirement

I bought 3 Call options of NIFTY10650 at 30 RS in morning, around 1430 PM call option went to 40 RS and i tried to square off position but it started showing margin required 67000RS though i was not trading on leverage/margin i jst simply bought option to sell it on hike by the time i added additional money market took reverse move price reduced to 23 and i sold incurring loss .
(I am beginner in option trading) why i need to have margin when i am squaring off a bought call option

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I assume you tired to place multiple sell orders of same position. For second sell order onwards, it will be considered as shorting, hence margin comes into picture. You should modify existing sell order for different price, than placing new order every time.

order 1 : buy 3 lots
order 2 : sell 3 lots - so buy-sell quantity is matched with order 1
order 3 : sell 3 lots - It shows you are trying to short the option as buy-sell quantity is not matched.

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i bought option at 3 different prices total 3 calls and tried to sell them together