Loss Recovery & Money Management

Can anybody please share there experience of loosing substantial amount of Money in trading and than recovered it from F&O segment.

If anybody can share proven money management techniques than we will be very thankful.

Thank you in advance for your valuable sharing

2. We have had a big draw down/ loss, and we are trying desperately to recover it.
What is wrong with that?

But before that let me ask a question:

  1. Why would this desperation happen in the first place if we were betting with money we do not care about?

  2. The problem with trying to recover a loss is that

  3. it indicates desperation, which creates emotions and irrational decisions

  4. It brings in a sense of urgency. Stock markets are a patience game. If you try to do anything quickly, chances are that you will go broke

The below link has a lot of basic about options, I really mean a lot and also varsity


I personally don’t recommend to chase the loss and recover, take a break and self assess what was wrong with your trade, did you follow some recommendation or did you trade as per your idea ? If it is someone’s recommendation please avoid.

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Money management is the process of budgeting, saving, investing, spending or otherwise overseeing the capital usage of an individual or group.