Lost 14 Lakhs in Options Trading

This is not the appropriate thread to discuss.

Nothing to discuss here.

@SpacemanSpiff Wholeheartedly agree.

To add…

I never traded, but was addicted in other things or areas in life. I came out of addiction by slowly changing other habits in life. For example, if I drink only tea, I’d switch to coffee and vice versa. Basically, small changes in other parts of life can make anyone come out of any addiction naturally.

I was alone too when I came out of addiction. Any help I seeked only backfired. So, I did some introspection along with what I mentioned above.

Being close to nature helped me a lot. Not just one day, but everyday. Try to avoid anything that isn’t natural.

Listening to the intuition helped me too.

If you really need help from individuals, join a FB group on addiction or OCD or anything similar.

Good luck.

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14 lakhs might seem like a very big amount to you but it is a very small amount in today’s time. Even 2-3 crores is a small amount. If you put your mind and hardwork into any other business, you can recover 14 lakhs within 2-3 years and probably earn 1-2 crores within 5 years. Trust the process. Trust yourself.

Stop revenge trading. Stop trying to earn from trading. Go to another business where you are good at. As for stock market, just stick to long term investment in index for your retirement.

Are you sitting in a mercedes. While answering this

Definitely quit trading and concentrate on your career and investments. At a much later date when you are secure, and if you must, you can look at Option wheel strategy (youtube it). But for now dont do anything related to trading.

Considering the OP posted his predicament and financial state, this looks a bit like a disingenuous flex, I must say.

No, Alto actually (2012 model)… :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s my secret of making money. I buy Car companies, not car.

In the age of internet, you do not need money to start any business. Been there done that.

Hi to be frank , you’d need 1L to create a company and assign co directors for the firm. Any registration process involve money. May be you mean to say the consultation or contractor work? Freelancing doesn’t make much of a sense in long term if one doesn’t have reliable connections. I don’t know how you are deriving to this answer.

No you do not need to register a company. And it doesn’t even cost 1 lakh to register a company. You can do business a sole proprietor.

Call it freelancing or 1 man business, it makes sense. I have been doing it since I was 17. I retired at 27 and I am now 35. There was a point in time when I was 26, I had 0 balance in my bank account because I bought a house in cash. But within 1 year, I earned enough to retire. I still work but I am financially independent. Whatever I am saying, I am saying it from my personal experience.

Building a business is easy. If you put your sweat equity into it, you do not need a big capital. Start small. Try to earn 5k first, then 25k, then 50k, then 1L, then 2L, then 5L… it’s a journey… It’s a process.

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Looks like we have course seller here !!

God has given me enough. I do not need to sell courses. Google me. All my courses on Udemy are available for FREE (over 73k students). I make enough money from my investments in stocks to last me a lifetime.

My only goal was to motivate the OP and tell him that what looks like a mountain right now is just an ant hill.

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If you aren’t successful in trading, it’s best not to encourage others to pursue it.

Trading is a unique field, and sometimes, stubbornness—which might be beneficial in other businesses—can be detrimental here.

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Absolutely agreed. Better stay away from trading. There are tons of other businesses one can pursue.

That’s what I thought!!! Courses!!!

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Why are you trading? What do you gain from trading?

Do not tell me money. money can be gained from a job also.