Lost 25 lacs in banknifty option trading

Give details of what you did and how you lost money, so that experienced traders can guide you.


Not without an edge, and not without more capital which you can only justify if edge can be proven. To recover this with small capital in small time ( say next few years), you have to trade with too much risk and play lottery and even that only if you have an edge.

Your mistake was to trade with too much money without an edge. And no risk management, no stop point.

Now 1.5L is also too much money as that’s all you have left and you clearly don’t have an edge. Rather than trying to recover money and lose what you have, stop and step away from trading for now. Better to look for job, and use your savings to manage expenses until then. Most people lose money in trading.

Only silver lining can be that you have unfortunately seen what can happen. If after getting job and saving up, you can take this lesson to heart and keep risk under control and work for the years needed to find and maintain edges, you might understand trading in distant future. Many great traders apparently had rough start like yours. Linda Raschke i think started like that too. But you need to work for it, Just don’t assume anything, and its also possible that trading is not for you.

Good luck.


I lost due to revenge trading, I tried to average my intial losses. Most of the losses happened on expiry day.

If you have really lost 25 lacs, give as many details as possible. There are many experienced traders here who can tell you a lot of things, so that you can learn and understand what happened.

I actually started trading in options buying last year without much knowledge of technical analysis. Infact I made huge profits during intial days, probably luck was on my side which made me believe that options buying has unlimited rewards. But, on one of the expiry I lost 5 lacs and since then I lost money. I did not set my targets and did not exit market when my stoploss limit was hit.

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You can give the prices at which you bought, lots, dates of the trades, how market and Bank Nifty behaved on those days, what you experienced on those days etc., all these details.

I repeat, there are many experienced traders here, so they can guide as to what happened with your trades, and what you can do in the future.

See my thread, I did one trade and explained what I did.


All of this is fine, but i don’t think its possible to be in the right frame of mind to trade after having lost most of your savings to gambling. These things should have done before deploying large capital not after.

I think he probably needs to take a reasonable and complete break from trading, take control of his immediate issues and then later he can reflect and think whether he should try again ( does not have to, can lose again) and how he will make sure that his capital is reasonably preserved. We have to take good risks in trading, so there is downside but it has to be protected and enough time must be given to get the upsides.

Trying to make back lost money is a recipe for disaster as he has already seen. 1 in thousands might do it and come in news to inspire others to lose more money.


Well if you ain’t married, you still have ton of options. Main option is going to Canada , maybe pickup truck job either there or in UK. Pay is 100k $. It’s a little hard but nice distraction and rest for you. I don’t know what was your line. Just target 1000$ a month savings you should be able to recover in 2 or 3 years like a MS student.

As far as trading , well man I only wish you played with small just 20% of your entire life savings/ investment. you can recover back money , for now take a break , maybe a different job in another country might do you good too.

Lets say I forget about my loss. Aren’t there traders out there who made 25 30 lacs from a small capital of 1 2 lacs? What strategies they must have used?

We don’t know how he feels about what he has lost, hence the persistent asking to give more details.

First understand what has gone wrong, internalize it, meaning take it inside, deep into your heart and mind, reach a state of mind, a calm mind. Then think about learning, strategies, loss recovery etc.


Some kind of edge, perhaps even a good edge + gambling money management, zero or hero style which with enough sample size will likely go to zero. Good chance to lose all money eventually if not immediately. This kind of mentality is to sell courses or to play with your gambling instinct. Lot of initial luck is needed if full capital is deployed and then eventually risk must be reduced.

Most people lose money. Most cant even make FD returns over 3 years as per Nithin himself. Why do you think you can make 10-20 times quickly ?

1st question to ask is you are ok with losing whatever is left. Can you survive in life? Do you have some kind of support structure. If yes and you want to gamble and likely lose whats left, fine. If not, just imagine this money is gone too before acting.

  1. Has only 1.5L left
  2. He has no job
  3. He probably has a burning desire to make it back.
  4. Or maybe he is a proxy for someone to come here and sell his holy grail strategy, you never know.

Sorry to hear about your lost.

If someone is making 25-30 lakh from small capital then:

  1. They must have some kind of edge.
  2. Then must know how to read buyer and seller sentiments not jut technicals.
  3. They must have practiced a lot and lost a lot.
  4. It should have taken them much time to make such profit.

Before asking that what strategy they are using. You should ask how many of above 4 points applies to you?

If truly you lost this kind of money then may it is because of pure gambling. If this is right then you should accept it. And work on more learning.


This is why I ask them to give more details :man_facepalming:

Unless we know how they are feeling, we cannot advice properly, and even if we give good advice, they may not take it because they feel it does not apply to them.

Like in a bar, if you want scotch, say that, otherwise I will assume that you want beer and will give beer :grin:

I am unable to understand the kind of details needed. I have support for my expenses and I can’t do a job for next few years due to personal reasons. If I do not target recovery quickly. In how much time can I get there with a small capital ? How much return is safe in options buying. In most cases, I did not book profit on time and even though I made profit, I kept on trading to make more money.

I have actually seen my money grow from 2 lacs to 8 lacs on 24 February 2022 when market crashed 1500 points. But assuming this kind of phenomenon will happen always has ruined me.

Things like these are what needed. Unless you explain the situation that you are in, you may not get useful answers.

Simply saying ‘I lost 25 lacs’ does not help.

Now that you have given some details, experienced traders can provide some guidance.

No one will you give their own ready made systems that they themselves use. And even if we have a working system, understanding it takes time and trust is needed and trust only comes with understanding ( or foolishness … ). And we probably need to adapt as market changes too.

Even after having access to building blocks of an edge while learning from someone it took me few years to bring it all together and eventually i trade differently to how he trades. This does not answer your question directly, but i am saying this to give you an idea on why it can take time.
I learnt from work of Adam H Grimes if it helps, but you wont get immediate edge nor any get rich quick system.

I don’t trade with options, but before you think about making money first learn to not lose. Trade with small capital, prove that you can make money while keeping risk in control through backtest/papertest and then live test. Start small, once you have proof scale up in steps.

Once all of it is done and you have good edge, i think 20-30% returns with 10-15% max DD is achievable. We can do better ofc, but that might be a reasonable initial goal. First get there before extrapolating any short term performance to multibagger type returns. So to make more money you need to risk more and at some stage, risk is too much and anything unusual or rare takes you down.

You said it yourself, if you play lottery then in the long run house wins. If a single short term trade multiples your capital like that then you are certainly taking too much risk imo.

Emotional control is a basic necessity to apply edge, but dont think that when you can trade with discipline you will magically start making money. No, for that you need an edge - something that makes money after large number of trades : your winners - losers.

Anyway, i have said what i had to say. Good luck.

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any punter can give better advice than him, I doubt if he trades

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