Lost all my chart settings in Zerodha TV

All my chart layouts which were saved (Trading View) have been lost. Is anyone else facing this issue?

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I had this issue as well, it seems the settings are all saved in the browser, client side. So in case you clear the cookies / browsing history etc. the settings would be lost. OR if you’ve logged in the same browser / machine for some one else (say with another User ID), the changes would disappear.

No, that is not the case. I have used the saved layouts multiple times across logout/login and system reboot. Something happened in the last week which screwed up things.
@siva can you explain?

Were you able to find a solution? Mine just disappeared yesterday…

Most likely browser saved-data/cookies were cleared.
This will delete locally saved settings/configurations including any custom chart layouts.

The layouts are saved in local memory and will be erased if there are any changes in the cache. This will also happen if you login to a different account on the same browser. More details here.

In this day and age of Cloud storage why would that chart research data be saved on user’s local cache and risk deletion?

Does anyone know if this happens on the original TradingView website also?

It has happened again today, months of efforts wasted don’t understand why it happened…

Can someone confirm this please: Does this happens on the original TradingView website or other platforms like Upstox etc also?

But what is the issue in saving the cookies on cloud? Lot of hardwork in drawing them. Atleast for 20 stocks it can be done