Lost few lakhs in trading. How to recover the loss? Please help


Thanks for the detailed reply Madan. I will go through your pointers one-by-one again as most of them are exactly catered towards my current situation.


You are welcome :slight_smile: Hope it is of some help !! Resilience is such a wonderful thing and am sure you would bounce back. Good luck !!


thank you mr.madan, i want more clarification on point no 10: at this state of loss & more loss & more loss even with good indicators with 60 - 65% WIn rate, i am loosing -65%, lost all the capital till date, now i have left only 10K only, thinkin to Move Forward & Exit trading jorney, plz help


Thanks Pradeep.


Thanks for the reply Karan. I do have a trading plan but don’t follow it to the last letter. I think my problem lies in my discipline and i am trying to understand the root cause.


Your caps lock key is on.

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Did you read the post ?


you all person are right said…
i have newly in this and based on call from usa entered in to this. that person start guided me to do this and this… earn small profit 1200$ and 2000$ loss … start recover 2000$ recovered it and immediately 12000$ loss. again start just reached recovered and market reverse and person guide me dont worry it reverse again and i also knew that it reverse but immediatly rollever date came and big trouble. so loss increase 26000$. again i started to recovered and finaly loss 58000$. this all i started on trust and guide. person from india doing job and when there is reversal their support is very bad. i have taken loss to paid all credit card bills but that people know that this new persona then also push like it. many time i have fear in mind and not earn more money and start told me that you will not do any thing and last loss… i haven’t want any thing market reversal start and based on usa news start investing.i feel like that bhai ho ki bhai ko fasana ka kam…just went in this world to earn small income but this person start using and open and close the deal contionue so each time fall from big height. when i joined new tool i feel that that person trading is not real trading as you any time fall from height and loss immediatly. last this month loss now i never want to go in this world as just join new job and lost all the money throgh credit card. if i was in india then i will not sustain this and may be suside case as in india such big loan can be available as home loan.


LOL , this is 3 years old.

OP would have moved on…


wonder what happened to the OP…and FaruqShaikh and the foolproof strategy


Is this company anyway related to you?


nope. i was looking for a name to use as my trading avatar…was a sucker for assasisn’s creed…so you get the general idea where the name comes from…


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It’s been 2.5 years…I think he would have disabled the caps lock by now…:joy::joy:

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Hi Shramanj, your losses can be recovered only proper plan is required.

Do let me know what is the amount you can invest and if cant invest also let me know.


Stop trading for some time.
Learn and trade with virtual money. Use such app stock trainer app in google play store. Or trade with just one stock for learning. Hope to recover. I’m also in 80k loss now. Don’t worry. This is expensive learning. We realize to it’s losses a stock marlet classes fees.


just simply stop trade with indore based. be petient. try small target personalize your strategies and earn in 1/4th of your total investment so even if you have more loss you can trade with remaining


The fact that this post has been marked as the solution shows that you are a new trader and you wrote the post to find an excuse or someone to show you an easy solution to recover losses.

You have ignored so many good suggestions in the posts by other members.

The answer to your question lies in the question itself.

You are a victim of “Revenge Trading” which forces you to think illogically and to enter into trades at no trade levels with huge quantity thereby making further losses.

The moment you stop taking trades to recover your previous losses and look at each trade as a fresh trade, you will see that you would have accomplished two things
a. Better results from trades &
b. No Emotional attachment to trades

These two will help you improve your trading phenomenally, all this is written assuming you know the Basics of trading & Technical Analysis (if not then fist read some books, available online easily)