Lost Huge money in commodity (MCX)


How did you lose so much?


Started with intraday in nickel and zinc lost money thr tried to change the commodities than started Ali and lead as well. Still was losing money than some from told me start in crude oil. Below are the number of trades I since April 2017 both ways including buy/sell.
Crude 2662
Zinc 805
Nickel 399
Alu 361
Lead 578
Copper 294
Most of losses are in crude oil intraday. I always tried to recover the losses same day and lost more and more.


Again, big mistake to think trading as a source of income.

This is one of the main reasons why retail traders lose money.

I suggest you invest you money in good mutual funds for now and take ur time to learn trading.


Recovering profit is nothing its a new profit nothing more…

You have not earned so far in market so dont think of recovery yo cannot make profit…

pause for some time think and avoid margin trading.


I could feel your pain. But you are wonderful as seeking help is the best way to come out of a problem.

Jesse Livermore lost all his capital twice and after that he made billions. Hence, the markets would always be kind enough to give back provided we set a plan and stick to it.

Trading is 95% Psychology & 5% analysis according to my experience. There’s a little book that could be found online “Zen In The Markets”. It had helped me a lot.

Triple T - Tasty Trader Traits

Risk NO more than 1% of your capital and have bigger winners than losers. You will end up being successful no matter what, irrespective of your strategy. Key is sustainability.


I am supporting this approach. “Revenge trade” or “Teaching the market”…is a road to failure. Taking a break from trading and rethinking your money management strategy is advised.


@Shivkumar_Pasi, I am sorry to hear this.

As suggested by the other traders on this forum, you should take a break, hone your skills and come back and trade with smaller sizes.

What was the analysis and technique you used in carrying out the trades.

My best wishes, may GOD bless you.


Selling low, buying high succumbed to the enticement of the market makers.


Hi have u gone through the trade book. Should I quit or still thr is chance of improvement and recovery some thing.


I suggest you take a brake.It will help you to realise what went wrong.Trade using 1 qty for one month.


No need to quit. But taking a long pause is very much necessary. Since the trades are not properly arranged, first thing that is to be done is that all the trades must be compiled in a particular order.
Recovery is possible but not in the time span in which it was lost. It is a long journey.


Take a break…read upon money/risk management by reading books or watching videos on YouTube…after that formalize a trading plan with proper stop loss and all…get back to trading with small lots when ur ready…all the best…hope u recover ur losses


Sorry guys for the #metoo tag but I too have lost a lot. In mcx basically crude I have lost over 1lakhs in multiple installments over a span of 2 years unlike equity where I lost around 3 lakhs in one trade under 5 minutes which really broke my spirit and confidence. The losses in crude was only due to my over-trading with higher lots 30-40 in most cases, getting in and out while the market did nothing and in the rallies sitting like ducks. In the equities it was due to lack of proper strategy and due to my stop loss in a ill-liquid stock with a very high position. (IOB - 6th october 2017) to be precise as you can look at the charts what my broken stoploss did to the stock chart.

Well one thing I have learnt is you can’t fool around in/with the market. Proper psychology and money management is utmost important.



Exactly same thing happend to me as well too many trades in crude looking to catch in my favour to recover the same day loss or previous day loss but with big lot size even 5 points make u worry and u end up in exit re entre exit like this.
Evem my majority loss is in crude.


Ok…now Pls suggest your strategy for 16th may 18 after elections outcome.


@Lets_Invest Bro how much did you make? (with proof)


I really feel sad about the persons like shiv kumar ji…who loose big amount of money in a small time. I am a research analyst but I don’t provide any tips,i do my own trades.i am feeling pity for you and want to help you in this regard,i will try to understand your style and will try to help you improve your trading/investing skills. And don’t worry i won’t charge anything nor i will ask you to invest more amount. Just want to help you. If you want to improve your self can whatsapp me-8900018653.


Thanx sir will be in touch


I have read your entire post… Sorry for your loss… Continue in market only if you are really passionate about it and not just for making money. I can help you with few basics which will help u atleast not to be a big losser at first ,later you can go up the ladder. if you really want to continue ping me on whatsapp -9665063292