LTCG only; No salary

If I have LTCG (equity) of 4 lakhs, but no other income, what is the final tax?

LTCG exception = 1 lakh

Basic exception = 2.5 lakh or 3 lakh as per regime.

So my net tax is 0 @Quicko ?

Use this tax calculator from official website
It has all the fields

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If you file under the new tax regime, there will be no tax liability.

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Not only for this, aggregate all other incomes from different streams - apply appropriate exemptions and then based on the final figure (net taxable income) you will pay taxes

eg. STCG, LTCG, interest income etc etc

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@Quicko Are you sure? Is it specific to new regime or in old regime also one can adjust LTCG gain under basic exemption? I read somewhere this - “When you have no other income besides LTCG, the basic exemption limit doesn’t directly reduce your LTCG tax liability. LTCG is taxed as a separate head of income.”

If you read somewhere, you should quote the source

Both ltcg and stcg can be adjusted with basic exemption limit for resident individuals/HUF.

Also, other income like salary, interest etc is adjusted before capital gains

Hey @vimox.shah,

As rightly mentioned by @Chirag1,

The basic exemption is available for both LTCG and STCG for resident individuals/HUF. Only in the case of NRIs, it is not available.

Moreover, the incomes taxable at slab rates are adjusted first against the basic exemption.

Hope this helps!

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