LTP in order order book

Can we please have LTP in order book? My trading would be more efficient so more trading & hence more revenue for zerodha. Others who agree with me, please join in my sales pitch & throw your weights too :grinning:

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The order book view opens right next to the market watch where you have the LTP.

I agree that even if a repetition, addition of ltp in order book would help in trading.


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If u right click and open the order tab in a new browser tab then it doesn’t show market watch to the lef

Market watch is not very convenient. My watch list is often beyond 100 & it’s impossible to remember which page & position(top or bottom ) of the watch list each of the stocks appear. Also, it’s advantageous to have the LTP next to the order price in order page as we can easily compare & scan through quickly.

Looks like zerodha is reluctant to add this. But, best is to ask the user through a survey? There are many such issues or preferences that users may want but they have not yet asked.

@nithin please can we have this?


This is on our list of things to do. Unification of scrip actions. Wherever a stock is present in Kite(orderbook, positions), it’ll have LTP, depth and chart options, just like in the Marketwatch.

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