MACD Crossover and VWAP Alert to Telegram

I want to generate an alert to Telegram whenever the following conditions are met.

  1. Buy Signal - When MACD crosses above signal line and price is above VWAP and VWAP is above MVWAP and RSI is above 50 and below 80.
  2. Sell Signal - When MACD crosses below signal line and price is below VWAP and VWAP is below MVWAP and RSI is below 50 and above 20.

The same I want to deploy on multiple time frames. Can anyone help on how to do this in Zerodha provided Tradingview charts?

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@Streak Can you.

Hi @Mahefooz

You can do this as 2 seperate strategies on, one for BUY signal and other for SELL signal and also deploy multiple strategies on different time frames.

Also if you don’t have any pre-selected list of stocks and want to get these signals on any stock, the you can use Streak scanner, where you can do this, including on multi-time frames.


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Can I have multiple conditions in one strategy and also choose that all should be met before generating signal?

And does support the conditions I’ve mentioned in my initial question?

And how do I send the alerts to Telegram when they are generated?

Hi @Mahefooz,

  1. Yes multiple condition can be added in one strategy and can be combined with and/or.
  2. All indicators are supported except for MVWAP, we will get it added soon.
  3. Currently we only support sending alerts to website and mobile app.

Do you have any webhooks kind of functionality as of now?

No we don’t have any such functionality.

You can create a small code which can generate buy/sell signals based on technical indicators and that can then send to telegram API for sending message.