Made profit, but charges more that profit made?

On 19th February, I made some intraday trading. However I made profit of Rs/- 29. I end up paying charges over Rs/- 60. How is this possible ?

Get your trade list from the Backoffice and refer the Brokerage Calculator offcourse it’s self explenatory.

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Charges are a percentage of the trades you’ve made and have no connection to the Realised profits you’ve made. You can make a realised of profit of Rs.32.90 with 1 lac turnover and with 100 crores turnover. The charges will depend on what trades you’ve executed.


Hi S212M

Hi u have made profit of Rs 32, but after deducing brokerage and other charges u r making a loss of Rs 29. Its crystal clear calculations from Zerodha.

Check the following Image, the minimum percentage depends on the type of trading and the quantity of the trade. Just Check with zerodha brockerage calculator as shown in the pic, If u buy at Rs 120 and sell at 120.40 in options, u will be in barely profits. U can check the same with brockerage calculator anytime and trade accordingly. Check the break even points in each type of trade in the following Image.

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Make profit of atleast 0.07 % on stocks trading equity intraday, that must cover all the costs

Is this scenario is possible ? Please help me understand, how various charges works. This is what “Q” says …

Thanks Venu for your answer. Is there a minimum profit % I can target, so that it will cover all charges ?

You can put in your buy pirce and quantity in the Zerodha Brokerage Calculator and it’ll show you the required points to break even.

Hi Ravi,
Thanks for your answer. Is there a minimum profit % I can target, so that it will cover all charges ?