Mahurat Trading

Is Futures & Options contract traded during the Laxmi Puja Mahurat Trading of 1 hour

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@SiddheshTulaskar Yes. FNO is allowed during Muhurat Trading :+1:

Be careful taking big positions during the Mahurat trading though. The volumnes are pretty low during this window and movements in certain stocks can be very sharp.

Since FIIs/DIIs typically stay out, it’s easier for a few big operators to move key stocks and hence the index. Last year, the market closed sharply lower because of this.

My advice is to stay out or keep your position size small. Most of all, enjoy Diwali with the family without worrying about profits and losses :slight_smile:

-Neha (


Ofcourse, FNO mei retailers ki aarti utaare bina kaise pooja khatam hogi :rofl:

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