Majesco dividend

Does it make sense to buy Majesco now and sell the shares after receiving 974 per share dividend? Will I be able to save tax if I use my father’s (senior citizen) trading account for this? What is the best option?

You can check this topic for discussion on Majesco dividend: MAJESCO ltd announced 974 per share Interim dividend!

Thanks @aniln

The only unanswered question remain after this is HOW THE MARKET PRICE rather adjusted price ON 23 DECEMBER WILL BE DECIDED if close of 22 December is below 974 ?
SINCE THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED that Dividend per share is more than market price …the price on 23 December should be through a price discovery process as it take place in new listing after IPO or re-listing after merger , d-merger , capital reduction etc cases . if price discovery process is adopted , i am expecting the price to be around 25 per share on 23 December.

THE UNANSWERED QUESTION has been answered by bse/nse circular specifically for MAJESCO LTD dated 21 December 2020 that ADJUSTED PRICE on ex date 23 December will be closing price of 22 December minus 974 OR face value 5 ,WHICHEVER IS HIGHER.