MAJESCO LTD 10 Crore share buyer at UC!

MAJESCO ltd is trading EX DIVIDEND from today 23 December 2020 after having issued ever highest dividend per share in stock market history. there are more than 10 crore share for buying at UC !

yes but stock only has somewhat three crore shares outstanding in the market.

Yes and i was expecting this scene due to rule of Extra ordinary Dividend !

company has value more then 100 crores , would trade on UC for many days

I am expecting a pay out of around 36 per share within next few weeks/months awaiting regulatory approvals PLUS liquidation value of one lakh 25000 sft single building property it own at Mhape , new Mumbai . the company will be liquidated ( d listed) after that as per me. the whole process should take about a year or so .

My view : It will UC for couple of trading session. They still have some assests to sell and pay off the shareholders. If you make at low entry, you can gain some more dividend.

@ShubhS9 …Yesterday on 22 December i placed AMO for Majesco exactly at 3.45 pm working out UC price of today ,which was accepted by exchange order today at 09 .00.07 .
what do you suggest ? should i place AMO order again or it is advisable to place order at 09.00.00 ?
PLEASE GUIDE. is it possible that order placed at 09.00.00 will be in the exchange system before AMO order which took 7 seconds ?

If you are looking to get the best fill first thing in the morning, placing a market order at opening is a much better idea than using AMO.

You can learn more here

Prabhat dairy is somewhere BIT similar case but promoters are not honest . however due to SEBI order against which they moved SAT and forced to deposit 500 crore in an escrow account. D listing approval postal ballot which expired in October 2020 got extension of 6 months till April 2021. @jashjacob

What will be the upper circuit price of the share tomorrow that I should place as an order at 9 AM?

13.40 is my understanding on 5% circuit for 28 December unless it is revised by a circular . market is closed on 25 , 26 and 27 December.