Making alerts sound enable with pop up of alert trigger

how to enable alert pop sound when alert triggers , in zerodha trader ?
anyone knew?
earlier sound used to come with pop up when alert triggers but after reinstalling zerodha trader sound is not coming when alert triggers…please help


@nithin @siva @ShubhS9

Guys above will be a great feature if we can have, alerts (sentinel or any other like partial fills) having sound (sound selections as well if possible). Not sure if this requires leveraging a bit of browser code or not, but can go long way to make kite a very reliable trading and risk management ui.

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I believe you will get small sound if the order is completed etc, also you will get alert on dashboard if sentinel triggers.

Siva it will be great if we can have some controls on it, it will allow us to trade many items as ears are always open :slight_smile: