Making losses in Options due to F&O obligation for Exchange

Please can someone help me with what “F&O Obligation” amount means in Ledger with respect to Options. I have just started trading in Options and I am trading in options (both selling &buying) BUT I am losing money due to this irrespective of whether I am making profit or loss.

Please, someone, help me understand what mistake am I making and I how can I prevent loss of my capital.

Eagerly awaiting someone’s guidance.

Kind Regards,

F&O Obligation amount in Options consists of any premium amount paid to buy options as well as any premium received from selling an option. This has been explained in detail here.

The given link describe about features and not for options

Hi, Iam also having same doubt have you found the answer

@amitkumar80 Are you talking about margin requirements? Could you please elaborate the ledger discrepancy you noticed? Or was it your misunderstanding?