Manage Portfolio

Hello Friends,
I am one of small cap investorjust having 30K in my equity account. As per tracking have seen many stocks are rallied daily but can’t buy everything with good quantity.
E.g… 25 Axis @ 500 => 12,500 hold
100 [email protected] => 11500 hold
50 ITC @ 260 => 13500 hold.
Now when can I exit ?? Is it based on price level or % level ??. We are not sure about the trend of market. Some may be available at good price. How can we manage the portfolio & trading??

The post below should help you.

Your holding period depends on your target and vice-versa, your target should depend on your holding period. If you want to hold for a really long time, then temporary dips should not make a difference. But if you want to hold for a short time, then you must decide on a monetary target. Chances are you will get a better rate to enter again in the future.

Yes it’s helpful but not fully.

Am not going to sell the stock and place in SA / FD. Just am going to buy another stock. :wink::wink: