Managing a Position

Hi All,

Am a newbie so please excuse me for a dumb question.

I created an BNF Iron Fly when market was at 38900, My position was I sold 38900 CE and PE and to hedge the position I Bought 39900CE and 37900PE and I carried the position overnnight.

Now, next day market came down all the way to 37900 and as per my trading system I had to create a Short straddle at 37900.

Since I had 37900PE as hedge leg for IF, while creating the Short Straddle the 37900PE got squared off and 37900CE was alive with a SL.

I understand that getting squared off is logical but how can we manage this scenario.

I manage such using different brokers :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the reply, But My algo account and positional are same

There is no other way.
You will have to make a differentiator. Either strike or trading symbol or expiry or… Broker :slight_smile:

Thanks much for the solution. Have a good day