Mangalam Industrial Finance

Looks like a totally operator driven stock. A relative holds 1000 physical shares that he wants to dematerialize.

Anyone heard about this stock ?


Can someone comment on the order book ?

Well, Mangalam Ind Fin has fallen over 90% from 300 levels. It also has a stock split of 10:1 of 29 Nov 2017. So if you do not take the split into consideration, then it is currently trading at 22 levels. I think the first step for your relative would be to dematerialize and hold the shares in Demat, in case a better opportuity arises. If the stock trades above 2.8, then there could be a temporary shift in momentum. Like you said, looks like it’s a pump and dump scheme. This looks like the Tulipomania chart.

@saiography @Sanket, any views?

I looked at the numbers and I would stay away. Apparently this company is an NBFC, but when you look the financials, there isn’t much to justify anything.

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No views @Srinivas :slight_smile: