Manpasand Beverages

Hi, noob here. Trying to buy shares of Manpasand beverages but it is not getting executed for 2 days now. While checking the market depth, we can see the bids however there is no offer on the sell side

Kindly suggest


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What to suggest, there are no sellers then how u can buy

Also if u keep buy orders for such stocks, the day ur buy order executes will be the day it goes into lower circuit

So be careful dont chase all rallies in this kind of market


The stock is locked in upper circuit that’s why you’re not able to buy any shares. You can checkout the upper and lower circuit levels on NSE’s website

But, as @Newbie420 said, this is a dangerous game you’re playing here. Go checkout what happened to Vakrangee, Gitanjali Gems and Videocon before chasing this shady stock. I would recommend not chasing these kind of stocks in any kind of market.

-Neha (

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Also I see you have some stocks of Manpasand, if u bought for trading purpose, I hope you are putting stop loss above lower circuit price everyday.

Coz you never know when this falls into lower circuit.

today is LC for 5th consecutive days with huge sellers . the way things are turning out rather tumbling out it is clearly VIKAS wsp , part 2 !
VIKAS WSP which had a checkered past which involves irregularities s as window dressing,. It was once delisted from the bourses in October 2001 (made a comeback in 2007) for suspected malpractices in the form of abnormally high margins and wrong export turnover.
the market price was over 1500 rs per share in 2001 !