Margin Against equity

How much margin I ll get to trade in zerodha if I use my equity portfolio as collateral currently valuing 1 cr.

Depends on the stocks that you wish to pledge. You ll find the list of stocks accepted as margins and the relevant margins you’ll get against each stock on this doc

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Please include Bharat Bond ETF also…

@Bhuvan @siva @VenuMadhav
Any update on this.

We’ll look into this.

@Bhuvan @VenuMadhav @siva
I see that there is option to pledge Bharat Bond ETF. But get error saying doesn’t have haircut value while i try to pledge.

Not available to pledge as of now, most likely will start allowing from next week.

@siva Will Bharat etf considered as cash component as equity component of etf?

Not like liquid bees, like equity.

@siva Hai can we get margin against REIT and INVIT in zerodha

Are they in NSE approved list?

@siva i dont know , can you send nse approved list , then where we can find in nse website

what/which are the InvITs that are listed on the NSE/BSE ?

indigrid invit
embassy reit
irb invit

Start of this thread one link is there, anyhow these are not approved by NSE yet.

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80 lacs .