Margin against pledge created online

Under the new system is pledging still restricted to Rs 2 Lacs per fund and overall to Rs 10 lacsbif POA copy not received by Zerodha in hard copy ?

Should it not be allowed more flexibly ? Also pls confirm marging still available against liquid funds as was the case previously IE before Sep 1

There is no limit on pledge value for non POA clients.

Yes, you can pledge Liquid Funds for margin. Can check the list of approved securities here

do you have a list with names of the schemes ? very difficult to go through this as it only has scheme codes and isin? is hdfc credit risk fund, icici credit risk fund part of the pledgable universe in the non cash segment ?

Hello - any response ? How to decipher names of the funds in the excel…Is there a file we can vlookup from ?

Yes these both are available.

Currently you can download list of approved securities from Mutual Fund section on NSE website and lookup from there.