Margin Available VS Margin used VS Account Value

On the support forum of Zerodha, they mentioned a formula Account Value = Margin Available + Margin used.

My initial Account value is 5000rs. After my Intraday session where I purchased and sell few stocks. Now the Margin available is 5004 and Margin used is -4. But as per formula my Account value = 5000rs.

My question is If I made 4 rs. profit why isn’t it showing in Account value?
Please answer, Thank you

Its the case for me too.
I transfered funds through payment gateway 5000rs.
I did intraday trading bought worth 4362 rs (145.40 * 30) and sold at 4377 rx (145.95 * 30) and gained a profit of 15rs yesterday.

Today morning I see balance of only 5001. What happend to balance 14rs?

Commission & other charges like stt , stamp duty etc are 14rs