Margin Blocked for sale

Margin blocked for sale of ARIES -EQ

What does this mean?
Please explain.


This could be the scenario:
You shorted Aries Agro shares on an intraday basis but were unable to buy it back as it hit upper circuit. Whenever you sell shares from your account, you have to receive an amount equivalent to the sell value, but since you sold these shares without actually holding them and were unable to buy it back on the same day, a margin will be blocked against the sell trade and this margin will be released once your shares are bought back from the auction market.
This margin is blocked to prevent crediting of funds to your account for your sell trade and will be released once the shares are bought back from the auction market after the penalty is taken into consideration.


How can I avoid margin blocked for sale in intraday trading?

what to do next can u guide my margin is blocked

Sir I was sold iifl with mis for intraday but it hit upper circuit & unable to exit & my fund is blocked what can I do please explain in simple way

As it hit upper circuit, you must have not been able to square-off your position. As you have short sold the shares which you don’t own this will result in short delivery, you can know more about short delivery here.

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