Margin buy and sell

Hi…I have opened account with zerodha recently and into equity trading and deliveries.
I am new to market and learned little about market so far.
I wanted to know about margin buy and sell.
How to trade in it, what is the capital reqd and how to place orders.
Please guide me on above questions.

Are you looking to trade MIS? Is that what you mean by margin buy and sell

Equity margins - Zerodha Margin Calculator This link should help you in calculating the required amount of margin and number of shares you can get in MIS with your present capital

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Coming to your question “How to place orders?”
You have to change CNC to MIS while placing orders (buy/sell)

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Yes I wanted to trade in MIS for margin buy or sell

Also please advise whether to go for trading in margin buy or sell being a beginner or should I continue with intraday and deliveries only.

I personally don’t use MIS, BO and CO. However if a person has confidence on his/her strategy then one should definitely take advantage of high leverage but do remember the risk associated with them as no one can time the market.

Intraday in itself is not a bad thing (99% of my trades these days are intraday only. I do it as NRML or CNC) but intraday with MIS (compulsory square off) don’t seem to me a good idea.

If you are a beginner i would advise you to stay away from it and do more trading CNC (with cash you have in your account) so that even if something goes wrong you have a chance another day.


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