Margin Calculator

Why Margin Calculator some time predict less Margin than actual trading platform for some Equity.

Is Margin Calculator on NSE website have more recent updates than zerodha calculator?

Margin calculator on Zerodha is quite accurate, the difference, if at all is not really much. Cant really comment on NSE’s margin calculator.

Is the calculated premium shown on the calculator real-time and whether it considers the live price of the underlying? Is there any lag?

zerodha margin calculator for Banknifty iron condor strategy ; shows around 90,000 margin required .

BUT , 2~3 other brokers calculators , it shows approximately 45,000 required .

can you pls confirm that around 90,000 is accurate or around 45,000 is accurate ?

I can’t compare but I rely on the margin calculator that is on the NSE website. Since the website is more authentic than the other brokers and you can get more accurate and recent updates regarding various stocks.