Margin during trading hrs


I have a query, If i want to construct a iron fly for 30 lots the margin requirement during trading hrs shows 7L and after trading hrs it shows 20L. which is correct, pls clarify

Will be easier to assist if you can provide more details.

I am using sensibull to place orders, In snsibull during trading hrs I saw the margin for Iron fly for 30 lots shown close to 7L, now while I saw after market it shows 20L is the margin requirement. why there is this much difference

Margin can change depending on volatility. Also, it is likely that during market hours, you were placing buy legs first then short legs. Placing buy legs first gives you margin benefit.

After market hours, you might have placed short legs first and then long, in this scenario you won’t be getting margin benefit beforehand.

Also, if you cold share screenshots tomorrow, that would help in checking and answering.